*Standard shipping is generally provided for FREE to most EU destinations with non- cooled products.

EU ‘non- cooled’ Deliveries
Service provider varies.
Depending on destination there may be a small surcharge added to cover extra shipping expenses due to your location.
Tracked: Yes

Please be aware that some logistics operators we use do not ship directly to your location!*
Your parcel will be available for pickup at a local pickup point.
*This generally applies to parcels delivered in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

You will have tracking information and be notified of an approximate ETA, which can range from 5-28 days.
We use the cheapest, best service, using registered delivery with guarantee and tracking.

If you prefer a prompt and 1-3 day EXPRESS service, that is an option during checkout.


Service: DHL Express 24-72h service to most main European city areas and surrounds (does not incl. Saturday/Sunday delivery!)
Dispatch: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
Tracked: Yes
Guaranteed: Yes

EU ‘cooled’ Deliveries
Service: DHL Express 24-72h service to most main European city areas and surrounds
Dispatch: Mon/Tue/Wed*
*if a main European city with delivery possible before Friday end-of-day 
Tracked: Yes
Guaranteed: Yes

Cool- packaging carries an extra-charge. 

***Additional charges for shipping may apply if you have an irregular destination that incurs higher fees than standard/mainland destinations.*** 

Cool Packaging Return Policy
Post the re-useable packaging* back to us, indicating your order reference and we can re-use your packaging.
You will receive a 2.00 GBP / 3.00 € / 15 DKK credit voucher per sleeve as a thank you.
*only valid thermal box linings and thermal sleeve linings in good condition and undamaged.

Time-relevant (cooled) deliveries are every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.
Order deadline for Monday-dispatch is 12:00 GMT, Friday. Cut-off for Tuesday dispatch is 12:00 GMT Monday, the day before.
In case of a bank- or national- holiday occurring on the Monday, dispatches may shift 24h to suit.

Should stock not be fully available to complete an order the dispatch will be held to dispatch in full in a single delivery. 

In summer there is an effort made with cooled packaging suitable for 72 hours of cooling at ambient temperature.
It is advisable to avoid cooled parcels being left in hot weather and exposed in summer months.

If you have an urgent order or want to use the DHL Express service and the product is in stock, please indicate this and an express service can be acquired at an extra charge of 180.00DKK and uses the DHL Express guaranteed service. (pickup cut-off time permitting) Simply choose the EXPESS service option during checkout. 

In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, for whatever reason, then a refund will be made when the product is returned in an undamaged and new conditionwithin 28 days of delivery/order completion. 

Damore.Solution Ltd. processes refunds by reversing or partially- refunding a credit-card payment.
To initiate a refund, please make us aware of your wishes and please wait for our response to confirm.
In all instances we ask to have a verification photograph to ensure that the product(s) is/are in new condition to complete a refund claim before returning.
Orders may be considered for a refund if there is a distinct problem with the product(s) and obvious error lies with Damore.Solution Ltd.
Refunds will be initiated within 48h of receiving a returned product. Credits may take up to 10 working days to be visible on your payment card account.

You can request a return label to be issued for a DHL Express service to easily drop-off your return at your local DHL drop-off location.
Simply package the product appropriately and print out and attach the label.
The incurred cost will be deducted from your refund.

– you kindly contact us to: and state your wish of returning and/or refund
– the items are to be returned with tracked postage at the clients expense and the details forwarded accordingly to:
– ensure the items are still in original state and packaging seals are neither tampered with or broken in any way and the item(s) are to be deemed “new”

If any of these points are not upheld, we cannot guarantee a refund.

We understand that you may have changed your mind about a purchase and therefore we can process a refund.
The only stipulation is the “still new” and undamaged state of the product. There is no fee incurred for refunds, except incurred shipping charges that are deducted.

Refund Calculation Example:
1,000.00 DKK order value (incl. 100.00DKK shipping)
Refund = 900.00DKK
Refund + Return Label (value 150.00DKK)
100.00DKK – 100.00DKK – 150.00DKK = 750.00DKK

Time-relevant (cooled) deliveries are every Monday and/or Tuesday. Order deadline for Monday-dispatch is 14:00 GMT, Friday. Cut-off for Tuesday dispatch is 12:00 Monday, the day before.
Should stock not be fully available to complete an order, we reserve the right to dispatch in full in a single delivery.

Shipping inquiries for orders outside of the UK/EU can kindly be directed to evaluate cost and eligibility. 

All other enquiries please use the contact form HERE.

Updated: 10/2018